Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have just finished riding my snowboard with my oldest son all day and thought about writing about that.  "Dude"...I said all day..."what run do you want to do?"  To which he replied, "I don't know, Dude" and it went on for hours from there. I can't bear to discuss the culture of the snowboarder not because there is anything wrong with it but...I am just too old to be called "Dude."  If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "On your left, Dude...you got 2...Dude, can I ride with you?"  I would be a rich woman.  And I am one tired, old woman and definitely not rich, money wise...Yeah...Dude.

Anyway, we were driving home and I was thinking about what to blog about when something ran in front of my car...as I was going 65 miles an hour on the interstate in the snow.  My oldest son was sitting in the passenger seat or shall I say, lying back with his eyes closed, "Dude", when this thing ran out in front of me.  I think it was a mountain lion...really.  It had tannish fur and had a long tail and ran out and think I clipped its right hip and tail.  My son came to and said... "Dude, did you hit something or did a piece of ice fall off the car?"  " I hit something, I think it was a mountain lion but it ran into the night" to which he said I better pull over.  So I pulled over and the front right bumper was shredded and there was fur in it.  "Dude, who hits a mountain lion?" he says..."it must be bad karma."  Then he says, "I could believe if you hit a bear, but a mountain lion..."

I am sure it was a mountain lion...it wasn't a dog or a mountain goat,  it was too big to be a fox and I know a bear when I see one.  Now I am thinking...I should have stopped and checked on it...but it ran away...and if I checked on it, it probably would have eaten my face off...yeah...probably.  Just drive and stop thinking about it...okay!

So, wow, I hit a mountain lion tonight...I think.  He did run away so I think he was okay...thank God.  But I must say...I am a stud when it comes to old ladies on a snowboard, I exceeded my son's expectations, "Dude, I thought you were only gonna last until 4:30 and you lasted until 5:45" and my hands and feet have regained their feeling.  It was beyond cold....felt like 100 below and the snot from my nose had froze.

On the resolution front, I am about 50 percent....I didn't drink an ounce of water, peed only twice all day, did not over react at the mountain lion and it wasn't the end of the world even when I couldn't feel my fingers, toes lips, and tip of my nose. 

And...the fake Baileys tastes so good after a day like today....Dude!

I love you all,
We'll tawk soon,

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Ms. Moon said...

Dude! I love you!
A mountain lion? Jesus.