Friday, January 28, 2011

No Filter Friday...

My family is fairly polite...When someone belches at the table, it it usually me and it is usually big and loud and, let's face it, I think its funny.  Then, as if on cue, the boys start gulping whatever drink they have in front of them to top me.  But, usually they can't because I am really good at belching.  Anyway, my polite husband, about this time, says, "Honey, see what happens when you do that?"  For a minute or so, I feel ashamed of myself but as soon as I hear..."Mitsubissssshiiii" belched out from one of them...I laugh and it passes.

I am also very open and aware of "body" things, so when someone has something that they complain about...I say, "Let me see it" and then when they hesitate I say..."I have been a nurse for almost 26 years and I have seen it all, and have had my hands in places you don't even want to know" to which my oldest always replies, "Mom, could we not?" and my husband replies, "Show your mother, she's a nurse." 

I have been told, I am missing a "filter"...that thing in my brain that stops me from saying things that are better left unsaid...but left unsaid for who?  Not me, I generally say what I need to say.

Welcome to "No Filter Friday" and if it is too much for you...just "X" out and have  a great day!

I want to start with my dogs...why, why do they do the things they do?  I have three and I feed them apart but together.  One of them, the one pictured above, Buster, eats his food in about 10 seconds flat.  Then he wanders to the other ones and they growl.  While they are growling, he begins to belch and burp and finally throws his dog food up...usually next to the dog bowl that he is trying to steal.  When he throws up, the dog eating the "non-recycled" food moves to the vomit and old Buster has another bowl of food.  It has happened every morning and evening that we have fed them together.  Here's the kicker, Buster doesn't throw up the food from the other dogs, just what is in front of him first.  Just plain nasty!!!!

My dear husband has been out of town and arrived home late on Wednesday night.  It is becoming a "the king is home" situation since he is traveling so much.  I find myself wandering around the house showing him all the things I have done while he was gone.  "See I cleaned the mold in the bathroom while you were gone"..."Good honey, that looks good" he says.  "Oh and I took the garbage out too!"  "Did you read my blog?  What did you think?" and on an on.  Like I am craving his approval or something...I wonder if he would still love me if I didn't clean the mold in the bathroom...shame on him then if that is a deal breaker...let's be honest, he probably would have been gone already...

Then along the lines of the king, he tells me what I ought to do when he is gone. "You really shouldn't let the dogs do that, or why don't you bring the garbage in from your car when you come in?"  Then he uses his old standard expression that he's used for at least 20 years now..."We ought to bolt dumpster brackets on your car and then every so often,  we could open the windows and pour the garbage out"...I say, "that is so funny, dear" and I think he gets a little offended because he still, after the millionth time, thinks it is funny.   Filter.....not so much.

I lost three pounds when I weighed at the LGN bootcamp.  I am up a net 5 and it is in a small tire-like roll around my stomach.  Just enough to create a righteous "muffin top".  The cute little trainer was positive... "What good things are we gonna eat today?" she said.  I thought to myself, It's Thursday...we don't weigh for another week so...whatever I have been craving for the last 7 days...."Salad and veggies and fruit with protien" I hear myself say.  I guess I did have a filter then, huh?

Another thing on my mind is women and facial hair.  I remember a few years ago when I was driving and my son looked over and said, "Mom, you have a mustache".  I was stunned...I thought I was the only one to see it.  I guess I was not.  Last year, I had my eyes fixed and could see up close.  I not only have a mustache but I am can see a bunch of hair on my face.  When I ask my husband, Mr. Polite, he said, "Oh, honey, you have always had a fuzzy face."  OH DEAR GOD...wasn't that in the contract?  When your old lady is growing a beard, don't you tell her?  Don't you? So last night, I decided the facial hair has to go...and I bought some "Sally Hansen" to take it off. 

My youngest son suggested I just use the "Barbasol beard buster" and a razor but my husband who walked into the situation about the time "Beard buster" was said, looked at me with a pitiful smile and offered... " I bet that will take it right off, Honey."  Mr. Polite!!!!  I told them all..."Wait until I blog about this" and they mentioned using my filter...ha, ha...I don't have one!

It's been an odd week...I have been fighting some old demons in my head.  Those are always there and I have to work really hard to "not" hear them.  My sense of purpose gets mixed up and I wonder what I am supposed to be doing.  Nothing new, really. 

I am going out tonight with my hubby and some good friends..I am kind of excited but I have nothing to wear.  I looked yesterday and decided I was NOT going up a size to fit in my jeans...I will just pack in and be uncomfortable until I have a drink of two and then I won't care.  I'm sure will think I look great and I will try not to talk about getting rid of my mustache and beard!  I will try to use the filter at least for awile.

My last thoughts of the day...I have been blogging for almost two months and have enjoyed writing...interesting because I hated writing in high school.  But I am loving it now.  I ran into some one yesterday who asked me "why" I am blogging and in a kind of tone that I interpreted to mean "what's the point?"  I was taken aback but it made me think.  Why..Why...cause I can and because it's fun and because the days I want to tell what I think is a funny story without my filter...I CAN...BECAUSE IT IS MY BLOG.  On the days, if something interests you...read on and if not...it's okay..."X" out and go...no hard feelings and no expectations...just me writing things that come into my head...funny, sad, or just plain stupid. 

Thanks for stopping by on "No Filter Friday"!
We'll tawk later,
I love you all,


Gail said...

Why? Because you can...exactly!! Kind of goes along with another saying I (would like to) live by,
"If it ain't fun, I'm not doing it."

Ms. Moon said...

I love you.
This is great stuff.