Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tying up loose ends on an "out of sorts" Sunday

Ever wake up and know that the day is not going to be ideal?  As in...the voice in your head says stay in bed today...take my advice!!!  But you get up and decide...how bad could it be...Well, let's just say that I should have listened to the voice in my head and stayed in bed.

I went to bed last night after watching "Pay it Forward" with my youngest son...good movie but why did the kid have to die at the end?  All of those people with candles at the end are nice but...still very sad.  As I was starting to sob, my son said ,"Mom, it's just a movie."  Well, there you go...sometimes my reality is a little messed up.  Woke up to snow on the ground and the day as gray as my hair after I don't color it...you know, the strip down the middle...that gray.

My son and I make our plan to go to church and I say..."Ok we have 30 minutes.  "Let's shower and meet me downstairs...Oh, help me put the dogs out!"  Well, let's just say that one of the dogs did not have a good night in my mud room.  When my youngest opened the door, there was a pile of dog excrement that no dog should ever have to excrete...and my son starts to gag...now I start to scream...JUST PUT THEM OUT...DON'T BREATHE THROUGH YOUR  NOSE...JUST PUT THEM OUT !!!  He is gagging his head off and I am getting madder and madder...GO. GO. GO.  STOP GAGGING AND PUT THEM OUT!  I go upstairs to get paper towels to clean up the mess and as I kneel down to clean...and then I start to gag and say choice words about what we were thinking when we got these dogs, etc, etc.  Not a pretty site.  We get it all cleaned up and we shower and we go to church. 

Needless to say, the day went from there.  We wanted to watch football when we got home and the cable had been turned off because my dear husband couldn't find the bill to pay it.  Okay, we can live without TV.  We will go outside and play with these distgusting mutts and maybe we can become better dog owners.  We bundle up since there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground and go out.  The "runner" gets away and starts to run taking the other two with her.  Now my son and I have to walk the neighborhood looking for these mutts.  As we are walking, we are thinking of ways to "do them in".  My youngest son has a wicked sense of humor.  Anyway, after about an hour of looking, we are frozen, tired and mad so we go home.  "I don't care if they ever come home" I say and at the time, mean it!  All of a sudden, here come all three of them and one has a big skull of some dead thing in his mouth.  Beautiful....just beautiful.

At this point in the day, I am counting the hours until it is bedtime.  I am ready for it to end and the sooner the better.  My son and I decide we will watch old Saturday night live shows on Hulu for a little while.  Since we live out in the middle of nowhere, and it is snowing, it takes about an hour to load an episode and it never does work.  How about a movie?  Oh, let's watch Brother Bear with the moose commentary on...Oh, I think, that will be funny and good.  We pop the movie in the DVD player and it plays for awhile but then dies.  That's it.  I tell him I am done and I am going to bed.

A few loose ends to tie up though...on the "worst mother award" that I recieved a day or two ago... My son informed me that he made the silver honor roll and there was an awards ceremony.  Everyone asked where I was and he replied, "sometimes I don't think I have a mother".  When he told me that yesterday, I said, "Yeah, sometimes I don't think you have a mother either!"

The Queen went back to college yesterday...we did not dance the jig until she was walking towards her dorm room.  Actually, she said after we had dinner, "I'm sorry I was such a pain while I was home" to which my youngest replied, "don't unload on her, mom"...But after I pulled up at her dorm, I opened her door and told her to "Get out" and huggged her good bye and peeled out in the parking lot.  My son and I laughed so hard we almost wet our pants!!!

So anyway, I guess that is enough for tonight...I had pictures to share but I would be up until tommorrow loading them and I just want today to end.    Here's what I will leave you all with tonight...The kid's spelled this out playing banagrams one of the nights they were all home...Just another day in paradise!!!

I guess tommorrow is another day...
We'll tawk tommorrow,
Love you,

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Ms. Moon said...

Sundays suck. So do dogs.
I love the idea of watching you peel out of the parking lot. You are a GREAT mother and don't forget it.