Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random things on my mind...

This is a late post...I wrote it last night but could not get this blogger to work.  So just pretend today is last night!

This is what I thought when I sat down to write today.  So many random thoughts circulating in my head...I decided to just shut the noise off mid day so I could survive.  When I got home, I was calmer and looked around.   I took some pictures and included some random thoughts...enjoy!

                 I bought myself flowers last week at Costco...they are still pretty.  Worth every penny!

I saw the mountain dew bottle in the pantry and decided I was gonna look for the picture I took.  Then I found the picture of the mountain dew and the wine glass.  (If you don't know what I am referring to...click here and find "the worst mother of the year post"...that is one I laugh at.

Perfect for tonight's dinner!

Dinner tonight...plus turkey burgers.  I feel kinda bad about contributing to the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic in this country by serving all this processed food.   But I love that garbage food to be honest...I mix the baked beans with the fake potatoes...awesome!!! 

The dogs are in their new jail...I mean kennel...

The skin wrinkles around my eyes will soon block my vision...and isn't the double chin coming along swimmingly?  Other than that it's all good.

What's going on in your life today?
We'll tawk later,


Ms. Moon said...


Gail said...

As soon as I saw the photo of you I thought "how beautiful Terry looks, what a great picture!!" and then I read your comment about yourself.

Why is it we are soooooo hard on ourselves and don't appreciate our unique beauty? All we see are our flaws....what's up with that?

idriveskj said...

I'm with Gail - I saw the picture before I read the entry and thought - wow, she looks great! (and I live far away and don't see you everyday)cut yourself some slack girl- you are beautiful! xoxo