Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The 18th...A tribute to a dear hero

I have quite an urge to write today...as a matter of fact, I made sure I finished cleaning, consulting and walking dogs before I sat down at my computer. The whole time I was waiting to write, I was thinking about the date and how four months ago on the 18th, the world tilted on its axis.

I was sitting at the Village Inn with my husband and youngest son when my phone rang.  It was a friend that was calling me and I thought...this is odd..but answered it.  She called to let me know our dear friend of was killed in Afghanistan on his 30th birthday.  No way, it can't be...but it was. 

He was the nephew of a dear friend who fell in love with another dear friend.  He became part of my life and my kids life because of that.  I mean, we prayed for his safety at church for ten years and he had been safe all along. 

My friend married her nephew and dear friend in our church.  It was an amazing service with the bride and groom so in love they couldn't take their eyes off each other and you could see that they needed to touch.  I have never seen a couple more in love.  It was like they were meant to be together. 

The reception at the church was magical with all the kids and families from our church there to support our girls and their man.  Later, there was another party that was just as wonderful at a mansion where we danced, celebrated and wished the couple a long life full of love.  That was in March. 

I got to see the bride in July when she came to visit.  Her husband was over in Afghanistan and doing well, she said, and she talked with him quite alot.  We hung out with her family in front of the fire on our patio with the smattering of high school kids that had grown to love her.  It was a great night and we were all so happy for our girl and the life she was making with her soldier.  It was good and he was coming home in a few months... 

Until September 18th...and everything changed.  We went to his military funeral in October and cried through it.  Both girls were so strong and thankful for his life but equally devastated at the prosepect of life without him.  Our pastor, his aunt, called him Aaron-son, because she was so in love with him...he was a son to her.  His bride, stood up on the altar and read a love letter to him...and talked about how even though this is painful and unthinkable, she was thankful for the time they had together.

I miss him.  I really didn't even know him that well but I do miss him.  I miss him on the nights at church when I look at my pastor's face and know she is missing him.  I miss him when I think of his wife and how she is trudging along honoring him at every turn.  I miss him when I drive past the cemetary surrounded by the buffalo.  Then I think, wow, if I miss him...I can't imagine what my girls feel...

So today, I want to honor Aaron...for his service to his country, and for his love and kindness to our little corner of the world in Evergreen.  We miss you so much.  You will never be forgotten.  I also have to say...war is hell.  I wish that we didn't have war and everyone loved everyone.  It's just not that way.  I didn't understand what it meant though until we lost Aaron.  So, whether you agree or not, those folks over in the war zone are us...mother's, father's, lovers, son's and daughter's....and they mean the world to their family.  I honor them all and if you are a "prayer"...do it for them.  If you are not a "prayer"....send good thoughts and good wishes through the universe.  If we can help one family not feel the devastation of losing a loved one...let's.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You make me laugh. You make me cry.